H.E. President Jose Ramos-Horta has initiated the “Dili City of Peace” campaign. Members of the new generation, who are actively contributing to various fields of Timorese life, are being brought together to express and explore their ideas on the creation of sustainable peace.

“Dili, City of Peace” is the Presidential initiative to turn Dili into a model of peace. Its objective is to promote peaceful social conditions in order to support the consolidation of national stability, sovereignty and unity in Timor-Leste.

The decision to choose Dili as the starting point for this initiative was taken because Dili is often the starting place for social trends. Further, it was indeed in Dili that the problems which led to the 2006 crisis first emerged. So it is from Dili that this program aims to begin to scatter the seeds of peace throughout the country.

This initiative for peace is helping to re-build and consolidate national stability and unity. Transforming Dili into a city of peace will be the starting point for preventing violence, conflict ad problems from spreading country-wide.